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Passenger Connect appears in The Williams Rail Review

In the summer of 2019, Passenger Connect was one of the few commercial products to be have been referenced in the Williams Rail Review. The independent review was introduced by the government in 2018 as a way establishing commercial frameworks that would underpin the government’s vision for the railway.

The review highlighted Rail Delivery Group’s use of Passenger Connect to deliver personalised journey information to rail passengers through Messenger. The extract on page 19 of the paper describes how RDG partnered with Zipabout (Passenger Connect’s parent company) “to use industry data to communicate personalised travel and disruption information directly to individual customers through Messenger. Customers are warned of disruption to their journey and are offered alternative options. The trial recently expanded to include automated compensation notification, sending customers a link to Delay Repay/compensation if the train arrives later than the journey threshold."

We are proud our Passenger Connect product has been recognised as solution to help “create a more reliable, more joined-up railway, with improved accountability for passengers.”

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