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De-stressing the commute with NRE and Passenger Connect

National Rail Enquiries' customer base was decreasing as UK rail passengers, in search for more relevant and timely travel information, began to migrate to other sources. As a result, NRE found itself under mounting pressure from key stakeholders to improve its service. After investigating various options, NRE chose Passenger Connect to deliver targeted, real-time, personalised journey information and disruption support directly to passengers through Messenger. Since adoption, NRE has been able to establish a unique two-way channel of communication with its customers, supporting passengers on both regular commutes and one-off journeys and providing re-routing alternatives where available.


real-time travel updates sent per month


Rail journeys are on the rise. In 2019 rail passenger journeys in the UK increased by 3% including a 2.2% increase in passenger distance. Therefore, it's no surprise NRE handles 2.5 million journey planning enquiries every week day through its contact centre, mobile, apps, website and other information services.

The challenge

From journey planning, fares and ticket sales to other rail-related information, NRE is responsible for communicating a lot of information, to a lot of people. However, as demand for more personalised real-time journey information increased, NRE began to see its users migrate to other platforms. With so many existing communication channels, NRE needed a way to cut through the noise and speak to passengers directly.


In a global first for the transport industry, Passenger Connect enabled NRE to deliver targeted, real-time personalised journey information and disruption support directly to passengers through Messenger. Once NRE had received approval from the RDG board, the plug and play multi-channel service was up and running on Messenger in less than 36 hours. Through the help of Passenger Connect, NRE sends over 400,000 journey messages each month. By putting the passenger in control of their journey, thousands of passengers are now able to travel seamlessly across the UK rail network. Passenger communications are delivered through a full journey information interface on Messenger. Powered by big data, Passenger Connect uses myriad inputs of live data to predict and monitor every element of the UK rail network and turn that into timely, personalised information for travellers. Passenger Connect also helped NRE to gather unique behavioural and demand data from passenger interaction, delivering unrivalled business intelligence and genuine customer insight.


Overnight NRE was able to transform the way it communicated with rail passengers, informing them of disruption for both regular commutes and one-off trips. In addition, to providing re-routing alternatives where available. To date there are more than 71,500 registered passengers using the service with a minimum of 14,000 daily users. Shortly after launching the platform, NRE carried out a survey to gain insight into how passengers were using the service. Of the 450 respondents, 68% of users said the tool had a positive impact during rail disruption and 87% said they used the alerts to support with their regular commute.*


real-time travel updates sent per month

National Rail Enquiries (NRE) is a trusted source of customer information for all passenger rail services on the National Rail network in England, Wales and Scotland. NRE is part of the Rail Delivery Group (RDG), which provides business services to Train Operating Companies.

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