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Understand passenger demand with our free analytics dashboard

We are offering all train operating companies (TOCs) access to a free analytics dashboard designed specifically to help the industry meet passenger demand during the Coronavirus crisis.

The industry is currently facing the new and unprecedented challenge of operating reduced services that still meets the needs of key workers. To ensure the sector stays resilient and is able to tackle this ongoing challenge, we (along with our technology partner Kx) have developed a new Passenger Connect dashboard that visualises station to station route demand data.

The free dashboard includes real-time passenger demand to/from all destinations, from any selected station over any 24-hour period (both historically and into the near-future). The data will inform which routes are likely to be busier than normal, provide essential insights into crowd management as well as inform service planning.

In addition, the dashboard includes real-time heat maps, that provide a visual representation of passenger demand throughout the UK.

The free dashboard is available for up to three months and installs as quickly and easily as other analytics platforms, just include your details in the contact form below to get started.

Other ways we are helping the rail industry:

To help our existing rail clients cope with this ever-changing demand we have released additional dashboard features to help address the key issues of data-driven timetabling, identifying under-utilised services and planning for recovery. We have also incorporated additional personalised passenger features, designed specifically for key workers and volunteers still reliant on the rail network.

Key worker support – To help our clients meet the needs of their customers we have introduced new functionality to our personalised messaging service that helps identify key workers and their reasons for travel. That way our clients know exactly what services to keep running.

Support new customers – Help key workers with instant door-to-door support around changing timetables by onboarding new users through the use of QR codes. Whether it’s posters for hospital staff rooms or supermarket noticeboards, you can reach new workers at key organisations.

Station Demand – this visualisation displays the relative inbound (arrivals) and outbound (departures) demand for a selected station over any 24-hour period, both historically and into the near-future. This data set will help operators assess increased demand at a station or interchange level, the most popular travel times and most importantly, pre-empting crowding risks.

Journey Demand –looks at demand between each stopping point of any selected train service, both historically and into the near-future. By providing insight into relative passenger volumes across individual train services, our clients will be able to identify service gaps that do not match shift patterns of key workers as well as understand which services are not essential.

We are committed to supporting our clients, and the wider industry, during this challenging time and commend those working tirelessly to keep our transport networks running.

If you would like more information about our Passenger Connect Analytics platform or personalised messaging services please get in touch.