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Enhancing the customer experience through personalised event support

We love a good celebration in the UK.

From football matches to concerts and festivals, any opportunity to get together for a shared experience and we are there!

With Passenger Connect transport operators can personalise passenger information around special events and occasions. By generating bespoke QR codes and links, passengers can onboard directly and with the destination and time pre-set, you can be sure your customers will get to the venue using your network in plenty of time.

To show just how easy it can be, we created bespoke QR codes and links designed to help rugby fans get to the various UK stadiums during the Six Nations. Powered by Passenger Connect, fans can simply scan the code, where we hand off to our clients National Rail Enquires and ScotRail in Messenger. Why not try it out? (pun intended)

You could be thinking, so what? It’s just nice to have.

But not only is this a great way to enhance the customer experience it can be used to onboard new passengers. Perhaps a customer uses this service for the first time to get to an event, before you know it you are communicating with them on daily basis, supporting their regular commute.

From an operational and logistics perspective this service can help you plan ahead of a special event. You will be able to see in advance how many passengers are planning on using your network to get to a venue or occasion. For events like the Commonwealth Games 2022, where multiple events will be hosted in and around the city of Birmingham, you would be able to forward plan, ensuring all passengers are accommodated for, whilst working with the venues to stagger guest entry and manage flow.

If you would like to know more about event support drop us a line