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Keeping your passengers in the know

With Passenger Connect you're with your customers all the way, making journeys smoother, easier and a lot less stressful.

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"Today's journey is running on time"

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Personalised journey information

With Passenger Connect, your customers will receive personalised journey information on the channel of their choice. From within your own apps to WhatsApp, WeChat, Alexa and Messenger – you are able to make meaningful, two-way relationships with your customers. Update passengers when there’s disruption and provide alternative routes to keep them moving.

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Door-to-door, multi-modal support

With access to real-time information from trains and trams, buses and tubes, ferries and airports, we can provide door-to-door support for your passengers. From the first mile to the last, we’ve got every stage of their journey covered.

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Easy customer feedback

Streamline the customer feedback process; allowing passengers to report an issue to the right person, on the right channel. Talk to your customers with real understanding – from mystery shopper programmes to feedback on a specific service or incident. With Passenger Connect, you only talk to the people you need to and nobody else.

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There’s more to keeping people moving than just real-time bus, flight, road and rail updates. Big events, weather warnings, air quality issues, accessible services, stressful environments, crowding, toilet availability, catering and local information are all part of a better journey. Understand what’s important to your customers and help them travel the way they want to.

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More information

The next stop has step-free access

Take the scenic route through the park for better air quality

It's 8˚C and raining at your destination, be sure to pack a brolly!

Instant onboarding

Quickly and easily onboard your passengers through links, poster QR codes and travel campaigns, so they can instantly start receiving real-time, personalised journey updates. Scan the code to see how it works with our client National Rail.

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Loyalty and incentive schemes

Delays don’t need to be disastrous. Take the opportunity to build customer loyalty by offering passengers a free upgrade or a cup of coffee. Imagine a message from you that says: 'We're sorry your plane won't be able to leave until tomorrow. Here's a half price voucher for the Airport Inn'.

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Ticket and seat reservations

Integrate your retail and booking systems to make each journey seamless. Live seat reservations, ticket sales, catering and accommodation – all in one place.