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Privacy statement


We are committed to unlocking the potential of data to enhance the experience of transport.

We aim to transform access to transport, for everyone everywhere, by using digital technologies and informatics to assist people as they move around in the world.

We promise travellers an improved experience, whoever they are, whatever their mode(s) of transport, whatever their reason for travel, making their journey both seamless and as enjoyable as possible.

We are committed to improving the experience of transport for the full journey - from the moment a person plans a journey and walks out of their front door, to the moment they arrive at their destination.

We are committed to ensuring that all travel data is used solely for the benefit of those travelling.

Privacy policy

How does Passenger Connect use personal data?

As transport and data experts, we act responsibly, honestly and ethically at all times. We are committed to ensuring that all travel data is used solely for the benefit of those travelling, and we are promoting a code of ethics for data communications in the transport sector. And the way we use data is outlined in our Privacy Policy.

In summary, at a high level we record your interactions with the Passenger Connect platform - this could include the journeys you search for, the interactions you make with any journey information that is provided to you, the journeys you ‘watch’ or select for wayfinding etc. This data is ONLY collected for the following purposes: The provision of personal and relevant information about journeys that you are taking or may wish to take. This may include things like your first name (to make the messaging more personal) but we would never require more detailed sensitive personal data in order to do this.

Data is aggregated and provided back to the wider Connect platform in order to deliver paid services to the transport operators/infrastructure operators that are clients of the wider group. The purpose of this is to enable the provision of better quality services and infrastructure both at an operational and strategic planning level. Note that these services are not provided by Passenger Connect – they are provided by the wider group and the aggregated data works alongside data that comes from other clients, such as transport providers.

We also work with third parties (e.g. Facebook, Google etc) to combine our data with theirs in order to provide better quality transport information, however no sensitive data is ever transferred.