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Two-way communication with Messenger

With more than 1.3 billion users, Facebook’s Messenger app is a great communication channel for delivering real-time travel updates to your passengers. For example, more than 8 billion messages are exchanged between consumers and businesses every month. That’s a lot of conversations! But it’s not just the channel’s popularity that makes it such an effective tool for brands and businesses looking to build relationships and communicate with their customers. Here are some of the reasons we like sending personalised travel updates through Messenger:

Rich messaging templates

With Messenger we are able to embed your brand’s own text, images and even videos. Appearing as tiles in carousels, we can provide a selection of information which users can intuitively interact with. This level of brand personalisation means your customers will always know they are talking to you and not Facebook.

Embed bespoke webviews

If there’s something you can’t do in the existing Messenger template, the platform allows us to embed fully-fledged webpages and web apps. This provides an even richer content experience allowing the user to seamlessly return to the conversation flow. This is great for getting more information from a passenger. This could be about a specific journey or a regular commute. They can simply set their travel preferences rather than having to answer a long-stream of annoying chat-bot style questions about their journey.

Easy onboarding

Although a separate service, Messenger is intrinsically linked to your brand’s Facebook profile. This makes it super easy for your customers to find you and instantly start receiving personalised travel updates.

Easy to use

Messenger is super intuitive. The handy menu allows your customers to get to important features quickly. By presenting buttons and quick replies, it also allows users to respond quickly and keep the conversation moving.

Super insights

As part of the Facebook family, Messenger provides detailed analytics showcasing exactly how your passengers are interacting with the platform. These insights not only have the power to provide invaluable business insights, they can also help you to refine your messaging.