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Much more than just delay messaging

As well as delivering great customer service, Passenger Connect has the ability to offer real-life insights into passenger behaviour and demand across every mode of transport. You can choose to take on as much or as little of the product as you want and getting started couldn't be easier.

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Multi-channel delivery

Personalised, real-time passenger information across multiple channels is what your customers really want. Meet your customers on Messenger, WhatsApp, Alexa or integrate with your own transport apps. Social media integration can be up and running in as little as an hour.

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Behavioural and operations analytics

Now you're connected, you will be able to align passenger insights with your commercial needs. From capacity optimisation and demand management to long-term strategy, sustainable travel, timetable planning and CO² reduction. Only by understanding where your passengers need to be and how they want to travel, can you create the a network that works for them.

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CRM and OEM integration

Passenger Connect works with other information platforms to deliver a seamless user experience. Integrate your CRM to power existing message channels (including SMS, email, apps and onboard information) or connect your fleet directly for enhanced customer experience based on live inputs (eg location, seat occupancy, HVAC and condition reporting).

Streamlined customer feedback

Get to know your passengers by sending quick, targeted surveys on their preferred communication channels and ease the load on customer service teams by routing queries and complaints to the right person every time.

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Loyalty, revenue and retail

As you build a clear picture of your audience, you can run your own insight-driven marketing campaigns to support sales. Or why not boost revenue through our unique hospitality partnerships, by offering customers a free coffee when something goes wrong?

Staff and control systems

Accurate and timely information delivered direct to staff when they need it most. Be that control centre staff, so they can make passenger-informed decisions or front-line teams supporting customers through disruption.

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Cross-business support

Create insights that will provide real ROI. Use our analytics tools to identify where to improve or where to invest – or even where to buy and bid. Franchise, surface access planning, infrastructure investment and service design, the possibilities are endless.

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