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We make transport work
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With Passenger Connect you can build a new two-way relationship with your passengers.

A plug and play service that provides personalised door-to-door information across rail, road, air and sea.

Creates value by providing priceless insights into how passengers use your transport network.

De-stress the commute > Deliver great customer service > Data-driven insights >

Build a brilliant new two-way relationship

Send real-time, personalised travel updates to the people who use your network. The outcome is reduced pressure on busy employees and more informed planning for you.

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Keep me updated

Your 15.04 train to London will leave Birmingham New Street at platform 2A.

Personalised, real-time information

Delivered through Messenger, WhatsApp, Alexa or fully integrated with your own transport apps, this game-changing service guides travellers through every stage of their journey using personalised, real-time information.

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Priceless insights

Passenger Connect provides priceless insights into how passengers actually use and interact with your transport network, enabling you to make better planning decisions and design services around the customer.

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It's really rewarding

Passenger Connect lets you give customers a free cup of coffee or a half-price hotel when things go wrong. This cost-neutral service has been designed to help you generate revenue in an ethical way.

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